Lesson Five Questions

Posted on Thu, Jan 6, 2011:

Fear Factors Peace and Love

1)      If we are struggling with fear what must happen?



2)      Where is the place that fear cannot exist?



3)      What should we let rule in our hearts?



4)      What happens when our minds are stayed on him?



5)      In a biblical sense what is wisdom?



6)      What scripture gives us an example of this wisdom in question five?



7)      Who gets  great peace?



8)      What is peace the answer to?



9)      Finish this: I’ve decided not to spin



10)   What did the lesson say God can create?



11)   Where is the only place we will find God’s peace?



12)   What kind of life did Martha live?



13)   Where does anxiety try to lodge itself?



14)   What causes fear to multiply?



15)   How do worriers rationalize their worries?



16)   What will the lord give unto his people?



17)   What is God’s plan?



18)   What does God want your life full of?



19)   How does God multiply grace and peace?



20)   What does God want us to let win?





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